What Is Handicap In Football Betting

When talking about handicap betting in football, it is important to note that we are no referring to betting that focuses on disabilities or reserved for people in a wheelchair.  Putting down our attempts at humor, we will explain the meaning of handicaps in soccer.

What you need to know is that handicap betting has existed for a very long time. Especially in the United Kingdom which is really the den of sports betting, where this type of betting is very popular.


Why Do Bookmakers Offer Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is essentially similar to the definition outside sports which is to give a particular team advantage. In the case of football, it is to assign a difference of points or goals on a given match.

The quest of bookmakers to diversify the type of football bets on offer and maximize the bettor’s curiosity led to this type of bet.

Handicap bets are especially useful for rebalancing odds when the match is really unbalanced, or simply when a favorite stands out. The bookmaker will then estimate the best odd to address this difference with its handicap offer.

For punter, handicaps can make bets more interesting in terms of value of odds and could be rewarding.

This largely due to the fact that during a proper analysis of a game, you will often have a fairly precise idea of the difference in goals that can be between the two teams.

If the bookmaker is offering a handicap that corresponds to your analysis, and the bet has a good odd. It could result in you getting a value bet.




How Handicap Betting Works In Football

Let’s look at a good example of how the Handicap betting works in football

In a match between Chelsea and Arsenal, these are the odds below

  • Chelsea 1.68,  Draw 3.20, Arsenal 2.00

While the handicap odds for [0:1) are

  • Chelsea 2.80, Draw 3.05, Arsenal 1.70

In this case, the handicap [0: 1] means that if you assign one goal to the weaker team which is Arsenal your odds reduces to 1.70. In essence, it is like starting the game with a goal in advance for Arsenal. This goal will be added to the final score to know if your bet is winning or not.


We can translate these in the following way. 

Case 1:

  • Team 1 (Chelsea) wins with 2 goals or more, this event odd is 2.80. Team 1 passes the handicap, the result is 1.

Case 2:

  • Team 1 (Chelsea) wins with exactly 1 goal, this event is odd is 3.05. the result will be null handicap).

Case 3:

  • Team 1 (Chelsea) draws or loses, this event is next at 1.70. Team 2 stays in the handicap, the result is 2.

There are often several handicaps available for a meeting, it’s up to you to choose the right one. Here are some tips to help you win your handicap bets on football.


How To Win Your Handicap Football Bets

Football, like all team sports, allows you to bet on handicaps. That is to say on a difference of goals in order to re balance a supposed difference of levels between the two teams.

The bookmaker offers many different handicaps to interest a maximum of bettors. There are various winning strategies that allow you to make the most of this type of football betting.


Bet on the Favourite To Win Big

This consists of wagering on the victory of a team with a difference of 2 goals or more.

Obviously before, you will have to analyze the meeting and its possible outcome. If you think that one team will easily have another, it is better to play this handicap bet.

But beware of the traps some favorites have a few times struggling to score goals against well-organized defenses. It is, therefore, a method to handle with caution and that requires a lot of rigor on the analyzes made.

It is also necessary that you are rigorous on the selection of the matches on which you want to apply this technique. If your choices are good, this method will save you money.



Bet Against The favorite who can be surprised

If, on the other hand, by analyzing a match you think that a match will be much tighter than it seems. That the alleged inferior team is actually the Boogey team of the favorite and you think there is the potential for a surprise.

In this case, it can be much more interesting to play a handicap bet. For example if Chelsea are facing a strong mid-table like Leicester away and you feel strongly about the home team prospects. It would be better to bet that Lithuania does not lose by more than one goal.  This would allow you to win your bet if Leicester wins, draw or even loses by a goal difference.


Bet On The Favourite To Shorten Risk Of Losing Bet

Here the idea is to play the favorite’s winning with a goal handicap. This is an event that occurs fairly regularly.

The fact of playing the favorite who carries a zero handicap could be the best in some instances. For example, Chelsea is the favourite in a game at home to Norwich but you noticed that the team has faced an intense calendar and would be satisfied with a simple victory.

The match could also be in between two major Champions League games. Here we can reasonably think that a simple victory over this championship game would be enough for the home team. This is normal since players already have their heads at their future deadlines.

In any case, this bet will be much more interesting than bet on the simple victory of the favorite as you have lower risks.



You can follow these strategies and read through this article to get the full knowledge which would be helpful in the long run.

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